The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

November 19, 2014  

In Episode 37 of “The Infectious Myth” David delves deeper into the flawed science of Ebola with molecular biologist Dr. David Rasnick. Dr. Rasnick has a PhD from Georgia Tech and worked in drug development for years.


Rasnick claims that there is no proof that Ebola has been isolated from humans, that tests when used on the general population have a huge false positive rate and that there is no known host for Ebola (although a lot of speculation) which is essentially for an infectious disease that is only rarely found in humans. He notes an association with Ebola outbreaks and illegal gold mining, indicating that there might be environmental factors at work, factors that are ignored by infectious disease specialists who have managed to completely capture this epidemic.


The two Davids touch on some of the external factors that may be at work increasing the hype over Ebola. Money is always one of these, the CDC and WHO budgets and the possibility for big Pharma to get vaccines or drugs approved. But Ebola is also of interest as a bioweapon, so studying this virus gives governments a cover for studying germ warfare. Another military factor is that the US wants to increase its presence in Africa, and would love to have a large military base in West Africa, so getting troops on the ground to help with Ebola may result in them staying there.


To find out more see David Rasnick’s website at, podcasts on Ebola at, and Jon Rapoport’s blog at

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