The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

January 15, 2019  
Cynthia Garrett is a lawyer in California who is involved with the organization FACE, Families Advocating for Campus Equality. She discusses with David the problems with the existing Title IX procedures to investigate allegations of sexual assault by students at US colleges and universities, such as the use of a single investigator, pressure on colleges to increase the rate of sanctions, lack of access to evidence, and lack of cross-examination. They also how misunderstandings between young people, and misunderstandings of sexual consent can stimulate investigations when nobody is really at fault. The impact of campus sanctions on students and their families is also discussed. Garrett’s knowledge is derived from the 1500 cases that FACE has been involved with.
You can find more out at their website:
January 8, 2019  

David discusses conspiracy theories with Kurtis Hagen, a former professor, who has written papers, books, and now a pamphlet, on the subject. He believes in “particularism”, that simply states that every theory that is tarred as a “conspiracy theory” needs to be evaluated individually on its merits, it’s logically absurd to a priori assume that all conspiracy theories are false, especially since we know that some (such as Watergate and absence of WMDs in Iraq) were belittled as conspiracy theories before being shown to be true.

December 18, 2018  
David interviews CD Mock, whose son Corey was accused of sexual assault on a college campus, then exonerated, then kicked out, then exonerated again. CD has been assisting parents and sons in other cases around the country, many of which cannot be talked about publicly, due to confidential settlements with colleges and universities.
December 11, 2018  
A book with the title, “The End of Policing”, is certainly provocative, but it makes you think about how Americans are over-policed, especially if poor and not white, the futile and deadly war on drugs, the militarization of police, and how police are called even when they are clearly not suitable for the situation, such as people with mental health crises. David discusses these issues, and more, with Brooklyn College Sociology Professor Alex Vitale, who is also a frequent writer and consultant on police issues.
You can learn more about Alex Vitale at:
December 4, 2018  

Meghan Murphy is a feminist who is concerned that some trans women, still with male genitalia, still sexually attracted to women, are asserting their entitlement to formerly women-only spaces. Stating that “Men are not women” was enough to get her permanently banned from twitter. David talks with her about areas where the emerging trans ideology conflicts with women’s rights, and the topsy-turvy world where a simple statement is classified as hate speech, but where calling for violence against “TERFs” (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists) is applauded by many so-called progressives. Meghan is the founder and editor of Feminist Current:

November 27, 2018  
Dick Ablin, a cancer researcher specializing in cryoimmunotherapy, discovered PSA, the Prostate Specific Antigen, in the 1970s. So he must love Movember, when men are encouraged to line up for PSA and other prostate screening, right? Wrong, in 2010 he wrote a New York Times Op-Ed decrying not only the use of  PSA, but all prostate cancer screening. In 2014 he published a book, “The Great Prostate Hoax” and, in 2018, he was interviewed, at the end of Movember (let’s  hope it’s the end), by David.
The publisher’s web page for “The Great Prostate Hoax” is:
November 20, 2018  
According to Jacob Stegenga, a Cambridge lecturer in philosophy of science, and author of the recent book, ‘Medical Nihilism’, many pharmaceutical interventions have a thin theoretical and evidentiary basis. He discusses this with David, including how pharmaceutical companies can manipulate science, especially controlled trials, to get their drugs approved, even if they are useless or worse.
For more information on Jacob Stegenga and ‘Medical Nihilism’, see:
November 6, 2018  
Mary Holland has been a law professor at the NYU School of law since 2004. Focussing on human rights and health law, when she, and some co-authors, put the HPV vaccine on trial, they found it guilty of a lot of crimes. These included using a false placebo, lying about the contents of the placebo, lying about the (lack of) previous safety testing, and more. And health authorities like CDC, WHO and the European Medicines Agency are just as guilty for approving and promoting the vaccine. The discussion with David just touches a few of the important issues raised by her book, “The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed”. Listen, and you will probably want to get the book.
October 23, 2018  
David discussed the Clark family trial in Calgary, Canada, with David Stephan in the previous episode. But the trial has now concluded, with a verdict, so the two Davids talk again about what this all means. David Stephan also gives an update on the progress of his new trial, which was ordered when the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the conviction of him and his wife, for the death of one of their children, in a case with eerie similarities to the Clark Case. David also reads from a presentation he prepared for a Spanish conference, with the title, “Resisting the Dictatorship of HIV and AIDS”. This talks about HIV/AIDS doctors, similarly to those in other dogmatic domains, control our communications, with the ultimate goal of controlling our bodies. Not because they really care about our bodies, but because they want to make a lot of money from them.
October 16, 2018  
Calgary, a large city in Canada, has two more parents on trial for the death of their child. Initially characterized by the mainstream media as a child starved by their parents, as more information comes out, it appears that excessively aggressive treatment at two hospitals in Calgary probably caused the death. David Stephan, who was similarly accused, and whose conviction was recently overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada, has been closely following this trial, and shares information about it, including the most recent day of the trial, October 15, 2018, which was also the day of taping this episode. We cover the chronology of John Wyatt Clark’s illness, up to his death in the hospital, 21 hours after arriving, the symptoms, the treatments, and how the characteristics of the parents (religious, vegan, non-vaccinating) influenced the attitude of doctors towards them. If you want to follow this trial as it continues, you can view David Stephan’s courthouse videos at:

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