The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

February 24, 2015  
David sat down in London, England with five dissenters from the HIV=AIDS orthodoxy just after the screening of Joan Shenton’s new documentary, “Positive Hell”, and the launch of the second edition of her book, “Positively False”. The documentary is about a group of former heroin addicts who discovered, almost 30 years ago, that they were HIV-positive. The group is led by a doctor, a former alcoholic, who is also HIV-positive. All of them have either never taken AIDS drugs or only taken them for a short time. But despite this they have gone on with normal lives, all in good health, except one who died after 27 years, after struggling with the consequences of years of drug abuse and cigarette smoking.
Apart from Joan Shenton, the discussion involves Michael Baumgartner, who was a chaplain at the San Francisco General Hospital in the early days of AIDS, and who remembers being shocked by the number of HIV-negative gay men with the symptoms of “AIDS”, who were often treated for HIV despite a negative HIV test. Claus Köhnlein is an internal medicine specialist from Kiel, Germany, who has treated many HIV-positive people since the 1980s using AIDS drugs only sparingly, if at all. Christian Fiala is a gynecologist from Austria. Finally, Celia Farber is a journalist from New York City.
The discussion includes stories of healthy, HIV-positive people, flaws in the science of the HIV=AIDS dogma, and even the recent dogmatic attacks on people who question vaccination, even a little bit, that is so reminiscent of the war on critics of the HIV=AIDS dogma.
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