The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

February 3, 2015  

In Episode 46 David interviews Helen Caldicott, a physician who has fought against nuclear power and nuclear weapons for decades. She has led movements against nuclear testing and nuclear power, has written books, and has spoken all over the world. In this episode David and Helen talk mainly about nuclear power, and particularly about the problem of nuclear waste, about so-called environmentalists who see nuclear power as a solution to global warming, and about solutions to the energy crisis through alternatives. Helen discusses a report that she commissioned indicating that a full transition to alternative energy is feasible.


Helen is participating in a Symposium, “The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction” from February 28-March 1, 2015 at The New York Academy of Medicine. You can get more information about how to purchase tickets at  Her other website is

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