The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

December 26, 2017  


In episode 168 David talks with Nancy Banks, a Harvard Medical School trained MD, about her new book, “The Slow Death of the AIDS/Cancer Paradigm”. She believes that approaches to cancer, and the entire HIV=AIDS=Death dogma are based on a flawed understanding of eukaryotic cell metabolism, eukaryotic referring to all cells with a membrane enclosed nucleus, as in all higher plants and animals. Nancy is not just a theoretician, she used her knowledge as an expert witness defending people from the criminal impact of the HIV=AIDS dogma in court, resulting in reduced sentences or overturned charges in most cases.
December 20, 2017  

In Episode 167, David talks with the makers of the documentary, End Game, about assisted suicide in the United Kingdom, where it is currently illegal. Some people with devastating health conditions are fighting in the courts for the right to end their life with assistance. Others, more able to travel, go to Switzerland where lack of laws allow people to end their lives by drinking or injecting a fatal dose of drugs, in a way that it designed to be painless. Andi Reiss and Ollie Richards discuss both sides of the issue, from a man who changed his mind when he was able to get more state assistance, to a woman who is filmed ending her life at a Swiss clinic. The film is not currently available, but we will notify you when it is.

December 12, 2017  
Bob Spirko is well known in the Calgary, Alberta, area, for his website,, that provides reliable information on many of the mountain scrambles in the local Rocky Mountains. This kind of scrambling has nothing to do with the scrambled sensations of schizophrenia except that, many years ago, Bob suffered from this condition. For reasons he can’t quite explain he decided not to use pharmaceutical drugs and perservered with mega-vitamin therapy. It was only after his schizophrenia receded that he regained his energy and first started cycling and then, as he started to slow down, mountain scrambling. He is not quite sure why his schizophrenia receded. Was it the megavitamins, his persistence with frequent exercise, or did he just grow out of it? You will learn about his struggle to overcome schizophrenia, as well as the mountain sport of scrambling, which is neither hiking nor mountain climbing, in this episode.
December 5, 2017  

David interviews Justin Trottier of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CAFE), about support for men, most controversially for men who are victims of domestic violence, either at the hands of a woman, or a gay male partner. There are many shelters for abused women but, in Toronto, there is not yet a shelter for men (let alone their children), but that is about to change if Justin’s organization is successful in their fundraising. Although some women’s organizations have been very negative about this work, others are quietly working with his organization, recognizing that sometimes men need support for what have traditionally been seen as women’s problems.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families webiste is:

An article referenced on the French fight over gender in grammar can be found at:

November 29, 2017  

David talks about the free speech kerfuffle in Canada where merely showing a debate about non-binary-gender pronouns resulted in a teaching assistant at Laurier University being dragged into an interrogation worthy of the gestapo. David asks if there is a middle ground on this issue, between everyone choosing their own pronoun, and sticking with just ‘he’ and ‘she’. Following that, David reviews the book “Crash Override” which touches on issues of sexual harassment and gender. And finally, some thoughts on the current wave of sexual harassment allegations.

You can hear the controversial meeting involving Lindsay Shepherd, and read an annotated transcript here:

November 21, 2017  
David doesn’t interview Jim West, as much as have a discussion with him. Jim is claiming that the cause of microcephaly in Brazil was not Zika, or pesticides, or vaccines, but an increase in the rate of prenatal ultrasounds, mostly from a new telemedicine network called, “The Network”, that remotely provided interpretation of ultrasounds. But what is the definition of microcephaly and are all smaller than normal heads indicative of future problems in the baby? Can we be sure that the so called epidemic just wasn’t an epidemic of measurements? Also, head measurements might be used as a surrogate for overall growth, but will be used to diagnose microcephaly instead of overall growth problems. Perhaps the fundamental question is when medicine introduces a new technique, whether a new vaccine or a new machine, how do we know if it’s causing problems?
A summary of Jim West’s theory about ultrasound and microcephaly, including a link to purchase the book, is found at:
November 15, 2017  

David talks with film makers Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss about their new three part series on the impact of the HPV vaccine, Sacrificial Virgins. The film, despite each part being only 10 minutes long, covers the devastating health impacts some girls have experienced after the vaccine, and the scientific flaws that make this vaccine particularly dangerous. The films interview girls and young women whose physical lives have been destroyed by the vaccine, as well as leading scientific critics of the theory that HPV causes cervical cancer, or the presence of Aluminum in novel forms as an adjuvant in these vaccines.

The three parts of Sacrificial Virgins can be viewed on the website:

November 7, 2017  
In episode 161, David talks with Toni Krehel, a Chinese medical doctor in Florida, and an advocate for the right to refuse vaccination. While Florida requires a medical or religious exemption for school children to refuse vaccination, some universities and colleges had been insisting on  vaccination, and would not accept exemptions. In reality, there are no laws that given these educational institutions this right and, when challenged, they backed down, and they will now accept students who do not wish to be vaccinated, and may have been unvaccinated since birth. Obviously the vaccine industry is reloading, but for now there is sunshine in Florida.
October 31, 2017  

David interview Greg Lovett, maker of a documentary on the burn pits, “Delay, Deny, Hope you Die”, so named because they were where garbage from US military bases in Iraq and elsewhere was burned using jet fuel, generating a putrid cloud of black, toxic smoke from incomplete combustion. This was particularly bad on bases sited on former Iraqi chemical weapon facilities. Because many of the health problems in these veterans, such as cancer, develop years after returning home, they don’t easily get compensation or health care from their government. Why was garbage disposed of in such a dangerous fashion? Was it incompetence, callousness, corruption, greed, or some combination?

The facebook page for the documentary is:
You can stream the documentary here (fee):
The US government registry for possible burn pit related health problems is:

October 24, 2017  

David talks with University of British Columbia professor Chris Shaw about a paper on vaccines, aluminum and autism that was just withdrawn. While this has been characterized as an action against “vaccine denialism”, the reasons are quite different, and the research will be performed again. After this interview David reviews attempts by both the left and right in America and elsewhere to restrict free speech. And then he talks about Harvey Weinstein and other men who use their power to abuse women. Not a new phenomenon.


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