The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

February 20, 2018  

In episode 175 David interviews Trisha Morrison, widow of famous boxer Tommy “The Duke” Morrison. Tommy was banned from boxing in 1996 because he was told that he had tested positive for HIV. What kind of test was done? How reliable is it? Do any HIV tests prove infection? Trisha is suing the boxing commission, Quest laboratories and various doctors for what she believes was a false diagnosis that destroyed Tommy’s multi-million dollar career. Tommy, sadly, is no longer with us. He died in 2013 following a surgery that left 12 feet of gauze (4 meters) in his chest, where it became infected before it was discovered by Trisha and removed.

February 13, 2018  

David Rasnick has been pursuing the idea that cancer is really caused by aneuploidy, a significantly wrong number of chromosomes in tumor cells, rather than by a series of mutations in one cell. This is not really new, it was known in the early 1900s, but has generally been ignored despite problems with the mutation theory. David Rasnick put these ideas in his highly technical book, “The Chromosomal Imbalance Theory of Cancer” but now is raising money for a more popular book, to be titled, “What Cancer Really Is". The two Davids discuss aneuploidy, cancer with a few diversions into other topics.

His crowdfunding site is:

February 6, 2018  

In episode 173 David discusses fluoridation with Bob Dickson, an MD. Calgary, one of Canada’s largest cities, has an interesting history with fluoridation, with several plebiscites before a majority was achieved in favor and then, several years later, a city council decision to remove it. A highly misleading study was published claiming that cavity rates went up faster in now unfluoridated Calgary than in fluoridated sister city Edmonton. The discussion is not just about local issues, but also about the flawed science used to support water fluoridation, and the increasing amount of science indicating its harms.

You can find out more about Bob Dickson’s new NGO here,

January 30, 2018  

 The Most Hated Man in America

In Episode 172, David is shocked to find out that there was even one person who thought that Jerry Sandusky was not guilty of pedophilia, and did not deserve to rot in jail. But after reading Mark Pendergrast’s book, “The Most Hated Man in America”, David became convinced that the case needed to be re-examined, especially as one of its pillars was evidence derived from the discredited notion of ‘repressed memory’. During the discussion David and Mark contrast Sandusky’s case with the current case of US olympic gym team doctor Nassar. Find out more about Mark’s books on repressed memory and other subjects at:

January 23, 2018  
Robin Wesman was living a quiet life with his wife and young children in rural British Columbia when a neighbour sprayed their property and one of their children almost died. In Episode 171 Robin talks with David about the difficulty of getting any authorities to take clearly illegal spraying seriously. This woke Robin and his wife Shelly up to the dangers of pesticides, and how vulnerable people are. In this case, to a man who thinks he is doing the neighbourhood a favor by driving around in an ATV spraying other people’s property, whether they like it or not. This has led Robin to found “The Holistic Community Foundation”, with a website being established at:
January 17, 2018  

In episode 170, David speaks with Chris Exley about his recently published research that found extremely high levels of Aluminum in some areas of brains taken from deceased people diagnosed with autism. This research is not easy, as the number of brains and amounts of material available for analysis, are very limited. He explains why some of the criticisms are based on a lack of awareness of the restrictions placed on researchers, and some are based on the demands of peer-reviewers that must be satisfied for publication to be approved. The increasing use of Aluminum in vaccine adjuvants is one possible source of the Aluminum in the brain. Since Aluminum is electrically active, and has no biological role in the brain, its presence is very dangerous.

January 2, 2018  
David talks with Jim Steele, a long time environmental educator at the Sierra Nevada field campus of San Francisco State University about the reasons for the recent devastating fires in California, including decades of fire suppression allowing the buildup of fuel, and natural climate cycles that have nothing to do with global warming. You can learn more Jim’s ideas, and his book, “Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism” at 
December 26, 2017  


In episode 168 David talks with Nancy Banks, a Harvard Medical School trained MD, about her new book, “The Slow Death of the AIDS/Cancer Paradigm”. She believes that approaches to cancer, and the entire HIV=AIDS=Death dogma are based on a flawed understanding of eukaryotic cell metabolism, eukaryotic referring to all cells with a membrane enclosed nucleus, as in all higher plants and animals. Nancy is not just a theoretician, she used her knowledge as an expert witness defending people from the criminal impact of the HIV=AIDS dogma in court, resulting in reduced sentences or overturned charges in most cases.
December 20, 2017  

In Episode 167, David talks with the makers of the documentary, End Game, about assisted suicide in the United Kingdom, where it is currently illegal. Some people with devastating health conditions are fighting in the courts for the right to end their life with assistance. Others, more able to travel, go to Switzerland where lack of laws allow people to end their lives by drinking or injecting a fatal dose of drugs, in a way that it designed to be painless. Andi Reiss and Ollie Richards discuss both sides of the issue, from a man who changed his mind when he was able to get more state assistance, to a woman who is filmed ending her life at a Swiss clinic. The film is not currently available, but we will notify you when it is.

December 12, 2017  
Bob Spirko is well known in the Calgary, Alberta, area, for his website,, that provides reliable information on many of the mountain scrambles in the local Rocky Mountains. This kind of scrambling has nothing to do with the scrambled sensations of schizophrenia except that, many years ago, Bob suffered from this condition. For reasons he can’t quite explain he decided not to use pharmaceutical drugs and perservered with mega-vitamin therapy. It was only after his schizophrenia receded that he regained his energy and first started cycling and then, as he started to slow down, mountain scrambling. He is not quite sure why his schizophrenia receded. Was it the megavitamins, his persistence with frequent exercise, or did he just grow out of it? You will learn about his struggle to overcome schizophrenia, as well as the mountain sport of scrambling, which is neither hiking nor mountain climbing, in this episode.

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