The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

October 9, 2018  

In September 2018 former Canadian soldiers, and their supporters, gathered in Ottawa for an educational seminar on the anti-malarial drug Mefloquine, and then for a rally on Parliament Hill, the seat of Canada’s government. David traveled to Ottawa for both events, recording some outdoor interviews with rally participants, and some speeches by politicians, former soldiers and scientists. The last speech, by Dr. Remington Nevin, does not fit within our time slot, so is available here:

For more information on the dangers of Mefloquine, see: and

October 2, 2018  

Genevieve Rail, a Professor at Montreal’s Concordia University, is part of a group of academics who recently published a paper that describes how HPV vaccines are marketed in Canada with fake informed consent, the purpose of the marketing being to ensure acceptance, and not to encourage a dialog. The paper was based on interviews with girls, the targets, their parents, and health care workers. Since the vaccine is presently targeted mostly at girls, feminism is used (or abused) to try to increase uptake (which is a much greater concern than safety or effectiveness). Our discussion also covers some of the scientific reasons for concern with this specific vaccine. For more about this week’s guest, see:

September 25, 2018  

Andrea Werhun is co-creator of the photo book, “Modern Whore: A Memoir”, that describes her two years as an escort, providing sexual services to men. She does not portray herself as a victim, but as someone who enjoyed her time. This is an interesting discussion about whether society can accept sex work as something that will never go away, and whether it should be treated like any other business, with society protecting both the providers and purchasers of sexual services.
For more information on Andrea, see:

September 18, 2018  

Tara Marshall is a woman with autism who was blocked by people who might be called neurodiversity extremists because she treats her condition, quite successfully, but not completely, with diet. Extremists claim that autism is simply a different way of thinking, and not an illness. This makes no sense if you have ever seen a video of a child with severe autism, perhaps an adult in body who lost the ability to speak, and even bowel control early in their life. While some mild autism might be seen as a gift, despite how much parents love their severely autistic children, many wish that the regression had never happened, and would do anything to mitigate or reverse the symptoms. David and Tara talk about these complexities, and the rejection of dogmatism.

September 12, 2018  

It might seem strange to revisit the Milan Plague of 1629-1632 but David asks questions that may never have been asked before: Why was the illnesses thought to be infectious in the 1600s? Did those who wrote a report afterwards have any evidence for the infectious theory? Why do we still think it is infectious when we probably would not believe anything else claimed by writers of that age. You can read the 1648 report (in Italian) here:

August 28, 2018  

Dave Bona describes his first, bad, experience with Mefloquine, and how the harm compounded each week when he took the pill. Since the symptoms are similar to PTSD much of the discussion revolves around how he was able to know that some symptoms were due to the drug, and not due to the traumatic experiences he had while in the Canadian military.

For more on the experiences of military veterans with Mefloquine, see: and Mefloquine Awareness Canada:

August 21, 2018  

David interviews the most dangerous woman who can’t get into Australia, Joan Shenton (censored again). When invited by Meryl Dorey and others to appear at screenings of her documentary on HPV vaccine damage and flawed science, “Sacrificial Virgins”, Joan was unable to get a visa. Normally something that takes a day or two, her application was set aside for special processing, ensuring that she could not be physically  present at the screenings. However, through the wonders of the internet, Joan was present via video link at every screening. David and Joan are joined by Meryl Dorey, who was a vaccine supporter until one of her children was severely damaged by a vaccine, and who has lead the Australian Vaccine-Risks Network, AVN, for many years. We discuss not only the general issues of the HPV vaccine, but also the specific political environment surrounding coercive vaccination and suppression of critics, in Australia. 

August 14, 2018  
Anke Zimmerman is a homeopath (and naturopath) in British Columbia, Canada, using traditional homeopathic remedies. Often the accusation against homeopathy is that the remedies are diluted so much that there is nothing there, therefore they cannot do any good. But when Anke posted a case report of a child with aggressive behavior who improved dramatically after receiving a remedy derived from rabid dog serum, all of a sudden homeopathic remedies contained dangerous quantities of ingredients. Eventually the Chief Medical Officer weighed in, resulting in Zimmerman, and others, launching complaints against her. David discusses this specific case, the mysteries about how homeopathy could work, and how the allopathic medical industry prefers to attack their competition rather than deal with tremendous problems that they created, such as the opiod crisis.
July 31, 2018  

Critics of medical dogmas have an uphill battle. Creating a company that has the potential to overturn one of these dogmas is a challenge that the establishment has the power and money to destroy. Electron microscope evidence has been used in court to show that HIV-antibody-positive people with high viral load have no detectable virus in their blood, and this caused many sentences in the US military to be reduced dramatically or overturned. Viral Forensics was a company set up to bring electron microscope evidence to anyone who wanted to challenge their diagnosis with HIV, HPV, Hepatitis C or pretty much any other virus. I interview Dr. David Rasnick, the chief scientist, about how the company started, and was mysteriously shut down before being able to open its doors to the public.

For more on David Rasnick, including his upcoming book on cancer, see:

July 26, 2018  

Raúl Erichs de Palma had a huge health crisis in 1995, after 10 years of injection drug addiction. He recovered quickly from a heart valve replacement operation that required 21 units of blood, immediately quit his drug habit and started to live more healthy, particularly focussing on a better diet. However, three years into his recovery, which amazed his doctors, he was hit with a positive HIV diagnosis. Rather than despair, he continued on his path to good health, refused AIDS medications, and started to learn about the ideas of the many critics of the HIV=AIDS dogma. 20 years later he is still in excellent health, still not taking AIDS drugs, and an important resource for more newly diagnosed people, especially in Spain, where he lives, and other Spanish speaking countries.
His website (in Spanish) is


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