The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

December 3, 2014  


David intended to talk to Professor James Fetzer about the JFK assassination, 9/11, and other situations in which the government’s story about the event has major holes, and alternative theories abound. They did talk extensively about these things, but first started talking about Wikipedia is used to punish and dismiss dissidents, by describing them as conspiracy theorists, discredited and so on.


Fetzer believes that the JFK assassination involved multiple shooters employed by the CIA and right-wing Cuban anti-Castro activists, to prevent the CIA from being broken up after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion, and to heighten cold war tensions, which was very profitable for the military industrial complex. In his view Oswald was just a patsy, and his convenient assassination left only the government to tell the story.


David and Fetzer talk more about the mechanisms and evidence of 9/11 rather than the reasons why someone would want to instigate such an attack and blame it on a dozen muslims. Interesting parts of his view are that sophisticated nuclear charges, rather than nano-thermite, brought down the towers, and reduced it to a small pile of dust, and that planes did not fly into the twin towers, but projected holographic images.


For further information about his ideas and evidence, please see and his blog at

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