The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

July 31, 2018  

Critics of medical dogmas have an uphill battle. Creating a company that has the potential to overturn one of these dogmas is a challenge that the establishment has the power and money to destroy. Electron microscope evidence has been used in court to show that HIV-antibody-positive people with high viral load have no detectable virus in their blood, and this caused many sentences in the US military to be reduced dramatically or overturned. Viral Forensics was a company set up to bring electron microscope evidence to anyone who wanted to challenge their diagnosis with HIV, HPV, Hepatitis C or pretty much any other virus. I interview Dr. David Rasnick, the chief scientist, about how the company started, and was mysteriously shut down before being able to open its doors to the public.

For more on David Rasnick, including his upcoming book on cancer, see:

July 26, 2018  

Raúl Erichs de Palma had a huge health crisis in 1995, after 10 years of injection drug addiction. He recovered quickly from a heart valve replacement operation that required 21 units of blood, immediately quit his drug habit and started to live more healthy, particularly focussing on a better diet. However, three years into his recovery, which amazed his doctors, he was hit with a positive HIV diagnosis. Rather than despair, he continued on his path to good health, refused AIDS medications, and started to learn about the ideas of the many critics of the HIV=AIDS dogma. 20 years later he is still in excellent health, still not taking AIDS drugs, and an important resource for more newly diagnosed people, especially in Spain, where he lives, and other Spanish speaking countries.
His website (in Spanish) is

July 24, 2018  

Dr. Remington Nevin was a guest on this show almost exactly 3 years ago, discussing the dangerous neurotoxicity of the drug Mefloquine, long given to soldiers to prevent malaria, mostly in English speaking countries. Now that the FDA has just approved another drug in the quinoline family, Tafenoquine, and a new foundation has been established, it is a good time to discuss developments in the struggle of former soldiers against Mefloquine, as well as whether this new drug is going to be any more effective and any less toxic. Dr. Nevin is probably the world’s top expert on these drugs, at least among scientists who are willing to speak.
You can find more information at the website of The Quinism Foundation,, named after the disease caused by exposure to quinoline drugs.


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