The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

January 30, 2018  

 The Most Hated Man in America

In Episode 172, David is shocked to find out that there was even one person who thought that Jerry Sandusky was not guilty of pedophilia, and did not deserve to rot in jail. But after reading Mark Pendergrast’s book, “The Most Hated Man in America”, David became convinced that the case needed to be re-examined, especially as one of its pillars was evidence derived from the discredited notion of ‘repressed memory’. During the discussion David and Mark contrast Sandusky’s case with the current case of US olympic gym team doctor Nassar. Find out more about Mark’s books on repressed memory and other subjects at:

January 23, 2018  
Robin Wesman was living a quiet life with his wife and young children in rural British Columbia when a neighbour sprayed their property and one of their children almost died. In Episode 171 Robin talks with David about the difficulty of getting any authorities to take clearly illegal spraying seriously. This woke Robin and his wife Shelly up to the dangers of pesticides, and how vulnerable people are. In this case, to a man who thinks he is doing the neighbourhood a favor by driving around in an ATV spraying other people’s property, whether they like it or not. This has led Robin to found “The Holistic Community Foundation”, with a website being established at:
January 17, 2018  

In episode 170, David speaks with Chris Exley about his recently published research that found extremely high levels of Aluminum in some areas of brains taken from deceased people diagnosed with autism. This research is not easy, as the number of brains and amounts of material available for analysis, are very limited. He explains why some of the criticisms are based on a lack of awareness of the restrictions placed on researchers, and some are based on the demands of peer-reviewers that must be satisfied for publication to be approved. The increasing use of Aluminum in vaccine adjuvants is one possible source of the Aluminum in the brain. Since Aluminum is electrically active, and has no biological role in the brain, its presence is very dangerous.

January 2, 2018  
David talks with Jim Steele, a long time environmental educator at the Sierra Nevada field campus of San Francisco State University about the reasons for the recent devastating fires in California, including decades of fire suppression allowing the buildup of fuel, and natural climate cycles that have nothing to do with global warming. You can learn more Jim’s ideas, and his book, “Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism” at 


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