The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

October 31, 2017  

David interview Greg Lovett, maker of a documentary on the burn pits, “Delay, Deny, Hope you Die”, so named because they were where garbage from US military bases in Iraq and elsewhere was burned using jet fuel, generating a putrid cloud of black, toxic smoke from incomplete combustion. This was particularly bad on bases sited on former Iraqi chemical weapon facilities. Because many of the health problems in these veterans, such as cancer, develop years after returning home, they don’t easily get compensation or health care from their government. Why was garbage disposed of in such a dangerous fashion? Was it incompetence, callousness, corruption, greed, or some combination?

The facebook page for the documentary is:
You can stream the documentary here (fee):
The US government registry for possible burn pit related health problems is:

October 24, 2017  

David talks with University of British Columbia professor Chris Shaw about a paper on vaccines, aluminum and autism that was just withdrawn. While this has been characterized as an action against “vaccine denialism”, the reasons are quite different, and the research will be performed again. After this interview David reviews attempts by both the left and right in America and elsewhere to restrict free speech. And then he talks about Harvey Weinstein and other men who use their power to abuse women. Not a new phenomenon.

October 17, 2017  

In Episode 158 David discusses workplace causes of cancer with Paul Demers, director of the Occupational Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, Canada, based on a recently released report. His concerns range from asbestos, silica, wood dust, volatile chemicals, nanomaterials and even chemotherapy drugs. Apart from chemicals there are associations with shift work and sedentary occupations with increased risk for cancer. Although the report’s statistics are limited mainly to Ontario, Canada, the general risks apply to any industrialized country.

The report titled “Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario” can be downloaded here:

October 3, 2017  
Triggered by the Las Vegas massacre David addresses the need for gun control (not gun abolition) in the United States, which should annoy US conservatives. And he sides with Betsy DeVos over the problems with Title IX investigations into sexual assault, which have led to several successful lawsuits by men expelled from universities without receiving anything close to due process, which should annoy US liberals.


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