The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

April 29, 2015  

David tackles free speech again on Episode 56 of “The Infectious Myth”. He starts with reservations about the elevation of Charlie Hebdo to sainthood, reading from remarks of Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, and both sides of the writers boycotting an upcoming PEN gala because of the writer’s organization award to Charlie Hebdo. 

Vaccination is clearly a new free speech issue, with nary a discouraging word being heard in the Mainstream Media. The MMR vaccine is a strange new poster child for pro-vaxxers, strange because it is a vaccine with potentially life-altering or deadly side effects against three diseases that very rarely are. David reads from the Merck vaccine manual, discusses a strange new study that is being used to claim that MMR vaccination doesn’t cause autism, and also reads from a recent rebuttal that he wrote to a Canadian magazine promoting mandatory vaccination. Not surprising that the magazine refused to publish it, so you heard it here first.

PEN on Charlie Hebdo:

Boycott of PEN:

Garry Trudeau’s full remarks:

Glenn Greenwald on the Charlie Hebdo/PEN Controversy:

Merck MMR II vaccine label:

Kennedy on mercury in vaccines:

Daily Beast on Kennedy/Maher interview:

April 21, 2015  

In episode 55 David Crowe speaks with Wallace Thornhill about the “Electric Universe”. Wallace is among a number of scientists who believe that it is electrical forces that drive the universe, including our universe, and that gravity can be thought of as simply a weak electrical force. While some of these ideas seem outlandish, they do offer a simpler explanation for many phenomena seen in the universe, such as material being ejected from black holes, signs that two stars that mainstream theory says should be far apart (different red shifts) are actually connected, and absurdities such as an infinite universe that is expanding. It could explain obviously non-random shapes in the universe, such as spiral galaxies.

Is it possible that Einstein is wrong, very wrong?

At the very least, this discussion will make you think.

For more information on Wallace Thornhill’s ideas about the Electric Universe visit his website,

April 7, 2015  

In episode 54 David Crowe speaks with writer and philosopher, Liam Scheff about love, sex, politics and the future of the planet we share. If you didn’t think that AIDS, art, vaccines, peak oil, sexuality and prehistoric cultures were interlinked, you’ll understand after listening to this episode.

You can buy a copy of Liam’s new book, “The Truth About Love” at:

For more information on Liam, including his new project, “The Oil Alarm”, visit his website:


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