The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

March 31, 2015  

In episode 53 David discusses the film “Trace Amounts”, subtitled, “Autism, Mercury and the Hidden Truth”, with film maker Eric Gladen. But he is more than just a film maker, he suffered tremendously after receiving a tetanus vaccine in 2004, containing the ethyl mercury preservative Thimerosal. His symptoms were very similar to those of a child with autism, and it was not until he took chelation therapy to remove the mercury that his symptoms started to regress. His personal experience led him to lead this film project. 

The discussion focuses on the scientific evidence that the ethyl mercury in Thimerosal is poisonous, the very active role the CDC has played in covering this up, and denying it, as well as the current use of this toxic preservative in vaccines, such as the influenza vaccine. Finally they discuss Eric’s own experience, and how he found that removing the mercury from his body helped him eliminate devastating physical and psychological ill effects and regain good health.

More information can be found at, and the film will be available for rent or purchase on April 2, 2015.

March 24, 2015  

In Episode 52 of “The Infectious Myth” David talks about freedom of speech. “Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdou” (I am not Charlie Hebdou) but that doesn’t mean that he is in favor of terrorism either. Freedom of speech is a complicated issue, and despite all the rhetoric that followed the horrible massacre in January, the liberal west is not as open about freedom of speech as we’d like to think. We routinely censor hateful discussions against Jews and Blacks, because we saw where that led. But attacking muslims, who are a reviled minority with little power in most western countries, is fair game.


David also points out that suppression of speech extends to medical issues, particularly the HIV=AIDS dogma and vaccination. He ends with the discussion of the Dalhousie Dental students, who have been raked over the coals for vile sexist commentary on a private facebook group, commentary that nobody defended as freedom of speech, even though it occurred at about the same time as Charlie Hebdou.


But the good thing is that the university handled the situation, not by strict punishments, to make an example of the men, but by a process of restorative justice. Which, David believes, is how we should deal with each other rather than always trying to divide the world into good and evil.

March 17, 2015  

Dr. Garth Nicolson, a highly credentialed and published medical scientist, became interested in what is now known as Gulf War Syndrome after his daughter came from serving in the US military in this 1991 war in Iraq with mysterious symptoms. Dr. Nicolson believes that perhaps 250,000 US military members suffered from this syndrome, which include chronic fatigue, digestive problems, neurologic problems, skin disorders and breathing difficulties. At first the US military denied that there was a problem, but eventually it became widely accepted.

Dr. Nicolson believes that some of the reasons for this syndrome were chemical exposures, radiation exposures (particularly to depleted uranium which is both chemically and radioactively toxic) and exposure to about 30 different vaccines given over a few days, something that he believes overwhelmed the immune system.

He believes that one of the common denominators is mitochondrial damage, something that we’ve heard about in other disorders, with a variety of causes. His institute, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, has researched the area of lipid supplements for a variety of chronic diseases. 

You can find out more about Dr. Nicolson’s research and lipid replacement therapy at His research has used custom lipids from Nutritional Therapeutics, although there are other sources of similar lipids.

March 10, 2015  

In episode 50 of “The Infectious Myth”, David Crowe talks about long-term non-progressors, people who have lived with a positive HIV diagnosis, for many years, without taking drugs, or with taking them only for a short time. As well as people who stopped the drugs after several years, and whose health never completely recovered.


The episode includes two interviews that were recorded for a recent AIDS special co-hosted by David and Gary Null. The first interview is with a man David calls Peter. He was diagnosed in a major American city in 1986, along with many other hemophiliacs. He was unusual in that his mother refused to give him AZT when first offered in 1987, and when he came of age, he continued this refusal. And he’s happy today. But mad as hell, because he feel his life has been taken from him. What if people knew he was HIV-positive? Would he be shunned, or worse? His voice has been disguised.


Following this interview David gives some scientific information indicating that hemophiliacs were being diagnosed with HIV and with low CD4 cell counts from the immunosuppressive effects of lower-purity clotting factor, something that disappeared with higher purity factor, not with the elimination of HIV from the blood supply, although that took credit.


The second interview is with German Film Maker Anne Sono who documented the lives of 6 women who were all, at the time of filming, HIV-positive and healthy. This didn’t last, unfortunately. Tragedy dogs HIV+ people. One of them couldn’t get treatment for non-AIDS conditions without going on AIDS drugs. One was murdered under mysterious circumstances. One had a healthy child without HIV, and then had a child taken from her. One of them was savagely attacked by the judicial system.


David ends with some information on the drug AZT, which was given to all HIV positive people in the 1980s and to most in the 1990s, but that is forced on HIV-positive pregnant women and their children. This is one of the big, but little known, tragedies of the HIV era.

March 3, 2015  
In September 2014 the journal “Frontiers in Public Health” published an article, “Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent,” and a firestorm erupted. The very same day that the article came out, the author, Professor Patricia Goodson of Texas A&M University, was contacted by a vigorous defender of the HIV=AIDS dogma, and the journal launched an investigation.
The purpose of the attack on the article was to erase it entirely, but this time the attack failed. Professor Goodson stood firm, did not panic, and let the investigation run its course. Eventually a token victory was handed to the defenders of the dogma, Goodson’s article was downgraded from a research article to “Opinion”, and Seth Kalichman, a psychology professor who represents the defenders of the faith, was given the right to publish an article which turned out to be an attack on the personalities of major AIDS rethinkers, avoiding any discussion of the scientific issues.
Goodson’s article remained on the website, has received a huge amount of attention, over 18,000 views to date, and, following the investigation, it was published on the US National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database, which makes the article available to an even larger audience.
Seth Kalichman is an interesting character, having previously invented the name “Joseph Newton” in order to infiltrate the dissident movement. Except that the dissident movement is open, so no infiltration is necessary. It’s like wearing a stocking mask and camouflage to go grocery shopping. On the web page for Goodson’s article (which is freely available for download), a man with the strange name “Mika Thane” has been commenting, effusive in his praise for Seth Kalichman’s position and therefore very critical of Goodson. The strange thing is, that the letters in the name “Mika Thane” come entirely from the name “Seth Kalichman”, the probability of which is only about 48 out of a million. Could it be that Professor Kalichman is using another fake name to help boost his own credibility by agreeing with himself?
This interview with Goodson covers the reasons she got involved in the issue, why she wrote this article, and her feelings and experiences during the investigation by the journal, as well as discussions of the role of Seth Kalichman. David was joined in the interview by Elizabeth Ely, his co-host on the “How Positive Are You?” podcast.


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