The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

November 21, 2017  
David doesn’t interview Jim West, as much as have a discussion with him. Jim is claiming that the cause of microcephaly in Brazil was not Zika, or pesticides, or vaccines, but an increase in the rate of prenatal ultrasounds, mostly from a new telemedicine network called, “The Network”, that remotely provided interpretation of ultrasounds. But what is the definition of microcephaly and are all smaller than normal heads indicative of future problems in the baby? Can we be sure that the so called epidemic just wasn’t an epidemic of measurements? Also, head measurements might be used as a surrogate for overall growth, but will be used to diagnose microcephaly instead of overall growth problems. Perhaps the fundamental question is when medicine introduces a new technique, whether a new vaccine or a new machine, how do we know if it’s causing problems?
A summary of Jim West’s theory about ultrasound and microcephaly, including a link to purchase the book, is found at:
November 15, 2017  

David talks with film makers Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss about their new three part series on the impact of the HPV vaccine, Sacrificial Virgins. The film, despite each part being only 10 minutes long, covers the devastating health impacts some girls have experienced after the vaccine, and the scientific flaws that make this vaccine particularly dangerous. The films interview girls and young women whose physical lives have been destroyed by the vaccine, as well as leading scientific critics of the theory that HPV causes cervical cancer, or the presence of Aluminum in novel forms as an adjuvant in these vaccines.

The three parts of Sacrificial Virgins can be viewed on the website:

November 7, 2017  
In episode 161, David talks with Toni Krehel, a Chinese medical doctor in Florida, and an advocate for the right to refuse vaccination. While Florida requires a medical or religious exemption for school children to refuse vaccination, some universities and colleges had been insisting on  vaccination, and would not accept exemptions. In reality, there are no laws that given these educational institutions this right and, when challenged, they backed down, and they will now accept students who do not wish to be vaccinated, and may have been unvaccinated since birth. Obviously the vaccine industry is reloading, but for now there is sunshine in Florida.
October 31, 2017  

David interview Greg Lovett, maker of a documentary on the burn pits, “Delay, Deny, Hope you Die”, so named because they were where garbage from US military bases in Iraq and elsewhere was burned using jet fuel, generating a putrid cloud of black, toxic smoke from incomplete combustion. This was particularly bad on bases sited on former Iraqi chemical weapon facilities. Because many of the health problems in these veterans, such as cancer, develop years after returning home, they don’t easily get compensation or health care from their government. Why was garbage disposed of in such a dangerous fashion? Was it incompetence, callousness, corruption, greed, or some combination?

The facebook page for the documentary is:
You can stream the documentary here (fee):
The US government registry for possible burn pit related health problems is:

October 24, 2017  

David talks with University of British Columbia professor Chris Shaw about a paper on vaccines, aluminum and autism that was just withdrawn. While this has been characterized as an action against “vaccine denialism”, the reasons are quite different, and the research will be performed again. After this interview David reviews attempts by both the left and right in America and elsewhere to restrict free speech. And then he talks about Harvey Weinstein and other men who use their power to abuse women. Not a new phenomenon.

October 17, 2017  

In Episode 158 David discusses workplace causes of cancer with Paul Demers, director of the Occupational Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, Canada, based on a recently released report. His concerns range from asbestos, silica, wood dust, volatile chemicals, nanomaterials and even chemotherapy drugs. Apart from chemicals there are associations with shift work and sedentary occupations with increased risk for cancer. Although the report’s statistics are limited mainly to Ontario, Canada, the general risks apply to any industrialized country.

The report titled “Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario” can be downloaded here:

October 3, 2017  
Triggered by the Las Vegas massacre David addresses the need for gun control (not gun abolition) in the United States, which should annoy US conservatives. And he sides with Betsy DeVos over the problems with Title IX investigations into sexual assault, which have led to several successful lawsuits by men expelled from universities without receiving anything close to due process, which should annoy US liberals.
September 26, 2017  

On January 14, 2016 Dr. Sin Hang Lee, an experienced pathologist, wrote to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) complaining about what he described as the corrupt approval of the HPV vaccine. In episode 156, David discusses with Dr. Lee, his concerns that the unique formulation of the HPV vaccine, which has aluminum bound to viral DNA, is the cause of the 2.3% rate of serious adverse events in recipients of the vaccine. He discusses how the medical community focuses on denying these events in order to secure pharmaceutical profits by exaggeration, ignoring awkward facts, or outright lying.

September 19, 2017  
David discusses the struggle over the HPV vaccine in the UK and Ireland with Steve Hinks, the Press Office for the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), who is also the father of a young woman who was seriously injured by her third HPV shot. They discuss the total wall of opposition by most politicians and the media, and the state of denial of MDs when presented with an obvious case of vaccine damage. This denial even extends to a psychiatric assessment of the family, with the belief that serious side effects such as low blood pressure leading to fainting, or even to a coma or death are either due to the young woman faking the symptoms or blamed on the parents as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Steve discusses some possible reasons why this vaccine is particularly dangerous, how his views of vaccines have changed, and why the vaccine may not even do what it is intended to do - prevent cervical cancer.
The organization’s facebook page is here:
September 12, 2017  

Henry Bauer is back with a new book, “Science Is Not What You Think”. In episode 154 we have a credentialed scientist, a PhD chemist, who is highly critical of what science has become, essentially a new religion. Scientific consensus is anathema to him. Bauer recognizes that progress comes when an individual scientist breaks with the consensus. Even if 97% of climate scientists belief in catastrophic human-caused global warming (which is debatable) it wouldn’t make it true. The modern day institution of science, will stop at nothing to enforce orthodoxy, including cutting off funding, removing people from jobs, and blocking publication opportunities.


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