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October 17, 2017  

In Episode 158 David discusses workplace causes of cancer with Paul Demers, director of the Occupational Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, Canada, based on a recently released report. His concerns range from asbestos, silica, wood dust, volatile chemicals, nanomaterials and even chemotherapy drugs. Apart from chemicals there are associations with shift work and sedentary occupations with increased risk for cancer. Although the report’s statistics are limited mainly to Ontario, Canada, the general risks apply to any industrialized country.

The report titled “Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario” can be downloaded here:

October 3, 2017  
Triggered by the Las Vegas massacre David addresses the need for gun control (not gun abolition) in the United States, which should annoy US conservatives. And he sides with Betsy DeVos over the problems with Title IX investigations into sexual assault, which have led to several successful lawsuits by men expelled from universities without receiving anything close to due process, which should annoy US liberals.
September 26, 2017  

On January 14, 2016 Dr. Sin Hang Lee, an experienced pathologist, wrote to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) complaining about what he described as the corrupt approval of the HPV vaccine. In episode 156, David discusses with Dr. Lee, his concerns that the unique formulation of the HPV vaccine, which has aluminum bound to viral DNA, is the cause of the 2.3% rate of serious adverse events in recipients of the vaccine. He discusses how the medical community focuses on denying these events in order to secure pharmaceutical profits by exaggeration, ignoring awkward facts, or outright lying.

September 19, 2017  
David discusses the struggle over the HPV vaccine in the UK and Ireland with Steve Hinks, the Press Office for the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), who is also the father of a young woman who was seriously injured by her third HPV shot. They discuss the total wall of opposition by most politicians and the media, and the state of denial of MDs when presented with an obvious case of vaccine damage. This denial even extends to a psychiatric assessment of the family, with the belief that serious side effects such as low blood pressure leading to fainting, or even to a coma or death are either due to the young woman faking the symptoms or blamed on the parents as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Steve discusses some possible reasons why this vaccine is particularly dangerous, how his views of vaccines have changed, and why the vaccine may not even do what it is intended to do - prevent cervical cancer.
The organization’s facebook page is here:
September 12, 2017  

Henry Bauer is back with a new book, “Science Is Not What You Think”. In episode 154 we have a credentialed scientist, a PhD chemist, who is highly critical of what science has become, essentially a new religion. Scientific consensus is anathema to him. Bauer recognizes that progress comes when an individual scientist breaks with the consensus. Even if 97% of climate scientists belief in catastrophic human-caused global warming (which is debatable) it wouldn’t make it true. The modern day institution of science, will stop at nothing to enforce orthodoxy, including cutting off funding, removing people from jobs, and blocking publication opportunities.

August 29, 2017  

Most people took one of two sides with the Google manifesto of James Damore on the role of women in technology. He was either a misogynist pig with no right to express his uneducated and prejudiced views, or a free speech warrior being stifled by out of control political correctness. Few actually read the internal memo, or considered it in that context. David believes that there were a few areas where the document made important points, but also major errors. He doesn’t believe that an internal memo like this should result in someone being fired. Furthermore, many of the people who were, by their political position, opposed to the memo before reading it or talking to Damore, completely missed the valid criticisms of Damore that could be made. People should not let their political inclinations get in front of a dispassionate analysis of what was, in reality, a pretty mundane document, with some insights, some questionable views, and some errors indicating a serious misunderstanding of genetics.

August 22, 2017  

In episode 152, David discussions Neil Miller’s book, “Critical Vaccine Studies”, which provides citations and summaries for over 400 studies that covers the toxicity and ineffectiveness of several different vaccines, and important vaccine ingredients, such as mercury and aluminum. This specifically covers autism, and also corruption within the vaccine industry.

You can find out more about Neil Miller and the reference books he has written on vaccines at:

August 8, 2017  
At the end of 2016 a paper was published in Lancet claiming a perfect Ebola vaccine trial, with nobody who received the vaccine getting diagnosed with Ebola after a suitable waiting period. David read this carefully and concluded that the trial was designed in a terrible fashion and actually is more compatible with the vaccine causing side effects that could be confused with Ebola, and not compatible with a reduction in Ebola cases. It may, in other words, increase the risk of Ebola-like disease. He wrote a letter to Lancet that was rejected, but recently had a peer reviewed paper published in the American Journal of Immunology, which forms the basis of this episode.
The Lancet article can be found here:
David’s peer reviewed article is here:
August 2, 2017  
David reads a paper that he presented to a recent conference on law and philosophy at the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon in Portugal on the criminalization of HIV. How can it be that people are sentenced to sentences of many years when all major legs of the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma are questionable?
July 25, 2017  
In episode 149 David interviews Charles (Chuck) Ortleb a gay writer and publisher whose career bloomed at the start of the AIDS epidemic, and then crashed when he started to criticize the HIV=AIDS dogma promulgated by the CDC and powerful pharmaceutically funded organizations within his own community. The New York Native was a widely read newspaper in the early 1980s in New York’s gay community, but its criticism of the new and soon to be massively profitable AZT, through writers like John Lauritsen, caused a backlash and the newspaper was put out of business. Although Ortleb has been silent for a long time, he is now speaking up again, and he’s not sorry for the questions he raised then, that are still relevant today.
For more on Charles Ortleb’s work see his blog at

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