The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

February 25, 2020  

David Crowe discusses Peter Schryvers new book “Bad Data” with the author. It describes some of the many ways that numbers are used in our society, from measuring the performance of children in school with tests, or trying to quantify the safety of a highway. While numbers can be useful, they can also lead to completely counter-productive, and often counter-intuitive outcomes, and there are some fascinating stories in the book that illustrates this. Many of the topics David has covered on this show are subject to measurement. We haven’t covered education a lot, but certainly medicine, justice and politics are subject to massive amounts of measurements and analysis, sometimes ignoring reality for the magical power of the numbers.

February 18, 2020  
Gregory Brown is a Professor of Exercise Science who recently submitted an expert report on the impact of biological males, such as transgender women, in female sports. Some differences are obviously simply by looking at elite male athletes, who have significantly more musculature, are taller, and have stronger and larger skeletons than women. Others are less obvious, such as the wider hip structure of women, great oxygen carrying capacity of the blood in women. Depending on the type of sport, men have a 10% to 30% advantage over women. As women’s sports have become better funded, leading to equitable training between men and women, the significant differences between men and women have stabilized. Transgender women in female sports will destroy the motivation of women to participate in sports, knowing that at any time a second rate male athlete can simply declare that they feel like a woman, and win races. Greg Brown and David also discuss how the evidence is mounting that even lengthy hormone treatments does very little to erase the biological advantage that males build up through puberty.
February 11, 2020  
Heather Mason learned about biological males being assigned to women’s prisons in Canada by being sentenced to one, on drug charges, and experiencing the problems this causes directly. After getting out for the last time, and kicking her drug habit, she became a voice for incarcerated women in Canada, particularly on the issue of gender Self ID. David and Heather talk about these situations, that these biological males are still sexually attracted to women, that they harass women, that sex reassignment surgery does not modify the personality. Heather also notes that women are often given training in how to be more assertive and to set boundaries around themselves, while biological males (regardless of gender identity) need training in how to be less assertive and aggressive. But in a women’s prison, biological males get the training designed for biological females.
Heather is one of the founding members of  Canadian Women’s Sex Based Rights:
February 4, 2020  
Harry Haverkos was one of the first AIDS researchers. Although he accepts that HIV plays a role in AIDS, he also has studied the connection between nitrite inhalants, known as ‘poppers’, and Kaposi’s Sarcoma, one of the two diseases that defined GRID - Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Poppers are immune suppressive, carcinogenic, and have a powerful effect on the vascular system, so they are well suited as a potential cause of some AIDS defining illnesses, especially KS. They are used as recreational drugs mostly by gay men, and were deeply embedded in gay life in the big cities of the US in the 1970s and 1980s, and are still easily found today. It is rare to have direct testimony from someone who was an insider in the early days of AIDS, especially at the time before the HIV theory of AIDS solidified, excluding any other cause. But, as Harry notes, in his mind, the cause of KS is still an open question.
David also briefly talks about his concerns about approaches to the new coronavirus panic in China, and has documented them at:


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