The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

December 10, 2019  
Michele Moore and Heather Brunskell-Evans are British academics and feminists who recently edited the book, “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People” (2019). With David they discuss the rapid rise in gender dysphoria and transgenderism in the UK, including the dominant role that transgender organizations have played in education and treatment of the vulnerable youth who are literally not comfortable in their own skin, and in the censorship and deplatforming of critics. The discussion covers sex versus gender versus gender roles, and the emerging issue of detransitioners, the formerly transgender youth who are returning to their natal sex, often missing body parts such has breasts or testicles. This is the second compilation by this pair on the same subject, the first was “Transgender Children: Born in Your Own Body” (2018). The discussion ends by considering whether the wave of transgender ideology and affirmation has peaked, and those concerned with the physical and mental health of children, and the protection of women, are making progress in resisting an ideology that demands that people “perform gender” and eventually have surgery in a usually futile effort to resolve deep-seated traumas and other psychological issues.
December 3, 2019  
Peter Gøtzsche was one of about 80 people who founded the Cochrane Collaboration in the 1990s, which became the world’s leading evidence based medicine organization, famous for its reviews of drugs, vaccines and other medical interventions. Peter became an advocate for obtaining all the information for reviews, including that which had been submitted to drug regulators, but never made public. When a review of the HPV vaccine was published by Cochrane, giving it a clean bill of health, Gøtzsche and colleagues publicly criticized it. This was seen as disloyal, but they knew that the review had missed a lot of less positive material. This may have been the major reason for Gøtzsche to be thrown out of his own organization, in a rather brutal fashion, the subject of his new book, “Death of a Whistelblower”.


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