The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

July 23, 2019  
William Malone is an MD and endocrinologist who is concerned about so-called affirmative care for youth with gender dysphoria. He discusses these concerns with David, including how they are diverting attention from pre-existing psychological conditions that are almost always present, how social transition makes the use of cross-sex hormones more likely, and the medical dangers of these hormones. He also points out that gender dysphoria will resolve by age twenty in over 80% of youth, and they will eventually accept their biological sex. 
More information on William Malone’s viewpoints can be found here:
July 2, 2019  
David, in his role as the president of Rethinking AIDS, recently wrote to the UK “bad blood” inquiry. The inquiry believes that the clotting factor that hemophiliacs need to reduce the risk of bleeding severely, was infected with HIV. But David cites the evidence that it was actually impurities in the “intermediate purity” clotting factor used in the 1980s that was one  problem, and the use of the drug AZT in HIV-positive hemophiliacs (and not in those who tested negative) was the cause of the extremely high death rate in hemophiliacs starting in the late 1990s, up to 13% of seropositives in one year, almost all taking AZT. The survival of some hemophiliacs in good health, who consistently refused AZT and later AIDS drugs, is further evidence that HIV was never the problem.
A copy of David’s letter to the inquiry, including citations, can be found here:


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