The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

May 21, 2019  
Jeff Deskovic spent 16 years in jail for a horrific crime…that he did not commit. After being released, with part of a financial settlement he received, he started the Deskovic Foundation, dedicated to the exonerations of others, and went back to school, culminating in graduating with a law degree just before this interview. Jeff is a passionate advocate for the wrongfuly convicted, and talks about how he was convicted on the basis of a false confession, how DNA evidence and a true confession finally exonerated him. He also describes some of the reasons for false convictions, both in general, and by reference to some of the cases his foundation is currently involved with.
To learn more about Jeff’s work, to volunteer, or to donate, see:
May 16, 2019  
Tim Noakes is a professor of medicine and sports who ran into a spot of trouble because he promoted a high fat, low carb diet, while many of his colleagues were still welded to the low fat dietary fad. In the discussion Tim describes how he was always athletic, but ended up with diabetes anyway. He researched diet, became convinced that high carb diets were the culprit, and transitioned to a high fat, low carb diet, leaving diabetes behind him. We discuss his history, the rise and (almost) fall of the low fat, high carb diet, and also how he managed to avoid losing his medical license when challenged by his peers.
Now that he is retired, he spends his time at his foundation, promoting his dietary ideas.. You can learn more about it, and support it financially here:
May 7, 2019  
David discusses the conflict between lesbians and those male-born transgender activists who assert their right to be a woman just by saying so, and who want to be classed as lesbians despite their male genitalia. Amy asserts the right of lesbian to restrict their sexual attraction to people without penises, if that is what they feel, without being accused of transphobia. Whereas the non-violent objections of lesbians (and other categories often include in the insult ‘TERF’ - Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist) are often described as violence, the violent rhetoric, art and sometimes actions of transgender activists and their allies, are excused as a legitimate response to transphobia.
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