The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

April 26, 2016  
When the documentary, ‘Positive Hell’, was accepted by the London Independent Film Festival, it seemed like a crack in the wall of censorship imposed on critics of the HIV=AIDS dogma. It tells the story of 5 Spaniards who have been HIV-positive since the 1980s and have not taken AIDS drugs, or only for a short time, yet have retained excellent health. But after four complaints from unnamed AIDS charities (that probably receive money from pharmaceutical companies) the film was unanimously withdrawn by the same committee that earlier approved it. Film maker Joan Shenton talks to David about her experiences, joined by philosophy professor Babette Babich who has written on the censorship of science from within.

Professor Babich’s has made her article publicly available. Please click on the link right here to read: Calling Science Pseudoscience
Alternatively, you can watch her discuss the paper right here: Video - Calling Science Pseudoscience

The Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss documentary, Positive Hell, can be viewed by clicking on the title.
Also available is an interview with Joan discussing the documentary and its censorship: ‘London Live

April 19, 2016  
In episode 98 David interviews Martin Walker, author of Dirty Medicine, who has studied the shadowy people and AstroTurf groups that attack anyone who criticizes medical dogmas. He started with the approval and marketing of the first AIDS drug, the toxic AZT, in 1987, and continuing through the findings of gut damage from the MMR vaccine by Andrew Wakefield and his many colleagues. This struggle rages today with the censorship of the movie Vaxxed in New York and the AIDS documentary Positive Hell in London. David is joined by his How Positive Are You co-host, Elizabeth Ely.
April 12, 2016  

David interviews Dr. Stefan Lanka, educated as a virologist, but who doesn’t want to use the term because he no longer believes in disease causing viruses. They talk about his early experiments with a virus-like object he found in marine algae, his early concerns about the HIV theory, and his recent court cases with the measles virus. When Lanka put up a monetary prize for someone who could prove the measles virus existed, a doctor came forwards with six classic measles papers, although stunningly, Lanka reports that the doctor didn’t feel he needed to read them. Lanka lost the first court case, but won on appeal. Lanka is also a supporter of Hamer’s “New Medicine”, often referred to as “German New Medicine”, although he is concerned about the racist views of its creator.

April 5, 2016  
David Crowe takes up the difficult issue of sexual assault. Given the proposition that (A) too many sexual assaults are unreported/unpunished, and that (B) too many innocent men are being punished for sexual assaults that didn’t happen or that they didn’t do, you might think the question is ‘A or B?’. But David points out that both can be simultaneously true. He addresses some incredible stories of sexual assault, some ambiguous cases, and some cases that resulted, or nearly resulted, in a man being falsely punished. He ends with a plea for a truly open discussion.

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