The Infectious Myth On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society.

January 26, 2016  

In Episode 86, David Crowe interviews David Christopher of about a variety of media issues, including net neutrality, government warrantless eavesdropping on everyone’s communications, media ownership concentration, and how the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will negatively affect internet users. is similar to the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) in the United States, and many of the issues are similar.

Since the interview is relatively short, and David (Crowe) didn’t manage to get into the important media issue of freedom of speech, on the internet, or elsewhere, he continues by discussing it. The backlash against a white human rights journalist who photoshopped her face into different races and cultured. The irony of jargon of people who claim to be excluded actually excluding others from participating in discussions. Why the “Je suis Charlie Hebdou” activists are very selective about what kind of speech they rally to protect.

Finally, David addresses some environmental issues: Are tens of thousands of coal jobs more important than neurological coal pollutants? Can milk contaminated with pesticides cause Parkinson’s? What’s happening with the water in Flint, Michigan?

The resources David references can be found at:

January 12, 2016  

In Episode 85 David discusses with Christina England, the findings of her book entitled, “Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth” which she co-authored with University of British Columbia Senior Research Fellow Lucija Tomljenovic

This interview, drawing on the materials in the book, describes how serious vaccine adverse events, especially death, have often been blamed on parents in England, often using the concept of “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy” with Christina England (Shaken Baby Syndrome is also discussed in her new book book). Parents are accused of either imaging the symptoms in their child, or of creating them by abuse or poisoning. Christine describes how these ideas were promoted by prominent doctors Roy Meadows, who invented the term Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy,  and also David Southall, and these ideas are still current, despite serious findings by medical institutions against both and many reversals of criminal convictions. She also describes how people fought back, including herself and psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown. Despite progress, many parents and other caregivers are still in jail, some serving life without parole, despite the fact that others were eventually released.

You can find out more about the book Christina England co-authored at:

January 5, 2016  

In Episode 84 David discusses the genocide of indigenous people in Canada with James Daschuk, an associate professor in the faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Despite Canada’s reputation as a polite and kind society, its treatment of its native population is as shocking as in other colonizing nations. Recently Canada has completed an investigation into its residential schools, which were used to destroy native culture under the guise of providing a standard education, and that resulted in physical and sexual abuse, opportunities for biomedical experimentation, and even starvation. This led to the destruction of native families and a continuing cycle of dysfunctional families, alcoholism, drug abuse and imprisonment. Canada is also about to start an investigation into the shocking number of women, mostly indigenous, mostly poor, often drug addicts or sex workers, who disappeared without authorities bothering to search for them. The most notorious of these was the case of Robert Pickton (, who confessed to killing 49 women in the Vancouver area. Finally, David and James delve into the history of the colonization of the prairies, the broken treaties, and the Indian Act that relegated natives to a child-like legal status, that James describes as apartheid.

You can find out more by reading Daschuk’s 2013 book “Clearing the Plains” that was a surprise bestseller in Canada and has won several awards:   

Another surprise bestseller is the book of recollections of an elderly Cree man about growing up in a residential school, recommended by Daschuk:

An article on biomedical experiments in the 1940s and 1950s that took advantage of the under-nourishment at residential schools, and even prolonged it, can be found at:


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